Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Edison's Woes

Edison is falling apart.

On top of the (very minor) seizures he has had, he also has a loose tooth. Of course, it's our favorite and we're heartbroken. We've tried to save it over the past month - softening his food, limiting rough play hoping it will reroot - to no avail. (Meanwhile, when Tess had her cancer-lump, we were all like "Take the whole ear!" Poor Tess.)

Bottom-middle-left tooth a few hours before removal
Edison also seems to have developed seasonal allergies. We were hoping it was just a foot fungus, but it doesn't seem to be. He has been licking his paws nonstop for weeks (minus the week he was on medicine), to the point that they are raw. His whole body was red and inflamed. The vet put him on Hydroxyzine which seems to be helping. Plus, he loves that he gets Pill Pockets, too.


Here's to hoping that the change in weather will minimize these allergies over the next few weeks and that we don't miss that favorite tooth too much.

Monday, September 14, 2015

PEDs: Walk Anticipation

We hear from our members that their pooches know when it's time for their weekly Pack walks.  When their humans grab a a certain bag, or head towards the door at a certain time, they know they're headed to see their pals.

This is particularly great to hear when it's about dogs who came to our group especially timid and anxious.  To see their excitement when they arrive and walk with our group is especially rewarding for both their humans and the humans in the Pack.

Does your dog know when it's time to go somewhere fun?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tesla Does the Colony

Last weekend, we took Tesla for an outing to a place I have been dying to go when I have some time: The Shops at the Colony on West 8th Street.  I have been to the plaza to go to my yoga studio, usually after all the other shops are closed, and have been so intrigued by the other stores.

First on our list is a quick favorite: Mod Apothecary - an aromatherapy and perfumery bar.  They just opened at the beginning of the month and have been a big hit in this household.  We purchased a couple of their cleaners (mint bathroom cleaner and citrus window cleaner) as well as beard oil (for Sam, obviously).  Everything smells so amazing there!  We popped in this weekend so I could blend by own perfume - so. amazing.

We also grabbed a coffee and a delicious piece of lemon poppy seed bread from Brew Ha Ha.  This place loves their dogs, as evident by the dog-heavy decor (which I loved).  They have a bed and water dish outside for canine customers and even a tether in case you wanted to run in and didn't have a second set of hands.  I thoroughly enjoyed my Brewchata and recommend it!

The plaza was so busy the Saturday we went - it was nice to see a bustling plaza in Erie.  Of course, not every shop was dog friendly, so there are still more for us to check out in the near future!

Have you been anywhere new with your pooches?  Have any of you Erieites taken your pooch to the Colony?

Monday, June 8, 2015

PEDs: Time Change

This week's walk was the first "summer" walk of the year -- meaning we move our walks from 4 to 6pm.

This allows us to make use of the longer days and get out of the sun.

It also allows time to return from summer weekend trips.

When is your favorite time to walk with your pooches?

Friday, May 29, 2015

Lawn Care

In our neighborhood, it's no secret that we are not the best about getting our lawn mowed in a timely manner.  It is almost always overgrown.

Unfortunately, when we go to do yard work, we're directed by slave drivers following our every step...

 ... and pointing out missed spots.

But really, they love the yard at any length!

Who's in charge of your lawn maintenance?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ed & Tess's Favorite Things: Sleepypod Clickit Safety Harness

One of the things that has been on our wish list for quite awhile is new seatbelts for the pooches.  We had originally purchased two cheap harnesses from one of the big box pet stores.  They worked great for keeping the dogs in place during drives.

However, after an accident on a back road (thankfully minor!), we wanted something more than just keeping them in place.  We stumbled on a study done by the Center of Pet Safety, which completed the first crash testing on pet safety harnesses.

Beyond the impact protection, seat belts can be critical if in an accident.  As we unfortunately know, a car accident is a scary thing for both the humans and pooches.  We have heard stories of dogs running away during the aftermath, sometimes injured themselves.  With even our cheap harnesses at the time, both our pooches stayed in place while we waited for the police and firemen.

The clear winner and our next purchase was the Sleepypod Clickit.  Our first stop was our favorite website for well-researched items for barrel-chested dogs -- Fit for a Pit.  While they are an investment, we have been extremely happy with the 3-point tether, keeping the dogs in place.  It also does a great job keeping the dogs from becoming tangled in the seatbelt (although Tess has figured our how to unhook the tethers!).  Not only are they comfy with plenty of padding and a wide vest, they are stylish!

Do you use a seat belt for your pooch in the car?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ed & Tess's Favorite Things: Woo Woo Tags

A few months ago we bought one of our new favorite items: Woo Woo Workshop tags!

I had the same tags on Tess's collar since I brought her home 5 years ago.  I recently decided that it was time to upgrade in style.

What better way to do so than with a locally made, high-quality tag from Woo Woo Workshop?!  We settled on the Basil tag for Tess and the Krane tag for Edison.  We couldn't have been more pleased with how they turned out!!

We'll definitely be adding Woo Woo items to our inventory in the future!  Check them out!